Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dye job

Seeing as Adam is a high school teacher, he sometimes gets approached by the students asking for his assistance in fundraisers, extra-curricular stuff, etc. Recently, he was approached by a couple kids at school asking if he would agree to be one of the teachers to get their hair dyed a ridiculous color (student's choice) if they managed to raise a certain amount of money by the beginning of March. Naturally, because my husband doesn't mind looking like a fool, he said yes. Now we're just waiting to find out what kind of color the kids are going to bestow upon their beloved Mr. Conner. My only request was that they were kind enough to wait until AFTER our family pictures were taken. I wasn't willing to pay for family photos where we all look normal and then there's Adam with green hair.

Stay tuned to find out what color he gets! Same blog time, same blog channel!