Saturday, February 6, 2010

Swimming success!

This afternoon we went swimming at the lifeplex with the comeau clan and it was kick-ass! The lifeplex has a family swim and it was much more fun than sainte anne's mostly because it was a family swim instead of just a mom and tot swim so i didn't have all kinds of cliquey moms ignoring me. Also, the lifeplex is more geared towards little ones! They have a separate kiddie pool where it's more shallow than the shallow end of the big pool, the water is warmer and they have steps that wrap around two sides of the pool. The dressing rooms were nice and clean and just the right size for a little family of three. All very nice features! Another plus is that it's much closer (15 min away!) and that because it's open from 12pm-2pm it gives us a nice big open window of opportunity to get there and enjoy ourselves without feeling rushed. All around happiness swimming at the lifeplex. It was definitely worth the $10. I think we'll make it a weekly outing! Mya had a good time too but she's still learning how to kick and keep the water out of her mouth. It took her a bit of time to open up and be her talkative, smiley self but i think if we keep going she'll get more used to it and next time it won't take so long for her to enjoy it.

We love swimming!