Thursday, February 11, 2010

Forward facing

Today was a momentous day! We decided to cheat a little bit and turn the car seat forward facing even though she isn't a year old yet. I don't feel like the worst mother in the world cause she's only a couple weeks away from being the big ONE and she's definitely over the weight requirement. I had felt really bad on the drive to the city for her doctors appt the other day because i would talk to her and turn to see how she was doing and i'd see these big blue eyes straining as far back into her head as they would go trying to get a look at me. She was miserable. So this is her early birthday present (and it's kind of a present for me too because we had one hell of a time trying to get that car seat to go rear-facing in our oddly shaped backseat and i was counting down the days until we could turn it around!).

See how happy it made me?

It made adam pretty happy too:

Hopefully this will make our long distance drives waaaaay better and make our baby waaaaay happier!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!