Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New car thoughts

So lately, we've been thinking about getting a new car. Not brand new, but new to us. This is because of a few different reasons:

-our car is not getting any younger
-because our car is now considered to have reached "old age", it seems there is always something wrong with it that needs to be replaced/fixed
-our car is small and can't accommodate our growing family and our adventures
-our car cannot hold a rear-facing car seat

Please note: the last two points are not some sort of secret way of telling you I am pregnant. Because I'm not. I'm just simply pointing out that our family will likely have more than one kid in it someday and when that someday comes, we will need a car that can hold all of us at once along with any equipment children/babies usually come with.

Adam and I both really like the idea of getting a Toyota because we know they are good vehicles that last a really long time. They are quality made and kick ass. However, the only car Toyota makes that we would consider big enough is the Rav4, and we never thought of ourselves as SUV people. Now, some of you might say, "The Rav4 isn't really considered an SUV, it's kind of smaller than all the other SUV's out there" and that is true, it actually is quite small for an SUV and doesn't really have much more room inside than a Camry would. However, if it's no bigger than a Camry inside, do we really want it then?

I'm starting to like the look of Subarus. Don't ask me why cause I don't really know the answer. I just feel like something about them appeals to me and I could see myself driving one. Now, that could totally change if we were to take one for a test drive. For all I know, I could totally hate them. Out of the Subaru line up I'm liking the Outback and the Forester and I know that the Forester falls under the SUV category again, but oh well! Who knows? Maybe we are SUV people and that's what we'll end up with.

My goal here is to get a good quality car that will last us a long time and that we won't outgrow as our family grows. I don't want to be going through this again in 5 years because we realize our car is too small for us.

So, any helpful suggestions on buying new cars?


Anonymous said...

Where do I begin??? I'm not going to touch the Subaru one...I'll let Eric handle that;)
I understand where you're coming from with Toyotas though. They are by far the best car going, but I'm not a big Camry fan, and a Corolla isn't a very big car...and I don't know a lot about Rav4s, but how about a 4Runner? They have lots of seating space, and a lot of room in back for adventures:)