Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bathroom Reno

So, I know it's been awhile since my last post but since being back to work that means my only uninterrupted laptop time is when Mya's sleeping and that is 2 hours where I have a lot of stuff to do before she wakes up. So, it seems like I'm stuck doing it on the weekends but lately those have been busy too. Doing what you ask? Well, things like spending time with the fam, hanging pictures on our walls so it actually feels like a home around here, laundry, grocery shopping, the list could go on and on. This past weekend we finally finished redoing the bathroom. Now, where we're renting we can't really change anything major so that means we're stuck with the crappy, stained floor and the hideous, hideous tiles in the shower.

Exhibit A

I don't have Exhibit B because I thought torturing you with our ugly tiles was enough without having to make you endure the gross floor too. We kind of forgot to take a before picture so I'll help you envision it: Off white walls, nothing on the walls except for a super outdated mirror, about 5 randomly placed towel racks, and one badly placed toilet paper holder. Here, I'll show you a pic of the old mirror.

Note the awful "flower" (it's really a couple acorns) carved into the bottom left hand corner and the picture doesn't really show the horrible condition it was in. It was all scratched up and old looking.
We got some green paint and some new hardware. We took down the numerous towel racks. We filled holes. We repainted the heater and baseboards (because whoever painted before us didn't take the time to tape things off). We got a new mirror and new cabinet. We brought in some decor. And now it's pretty. I know this is sad, but it's probably my favorite room in the house.


We aren't totally done because we're hoping to find something to hang on the wall next to the toilet but it's not a priority at the moment. So, I like it. The mirror was something we found at the Salvation Army on a recent day trip to the city and it was only $25. At first if someone had told me that they spent $25 on a mirror and thought it was a good deal I would've thought they were stupid. That was before I went mirror shopping and found out what people charge for new mirrors! They are expensive. Besides, I like my new mirror. We thought about painting the frame white at first to match the other thingys in our bathroom but we decided not to in the end. I think I like it better "au naturel".

So, that's it! My last reno for a little while I think!


Suz said...

Ok so I know it's probably been like 5-6 months since I last posted on my blog and at least 3 since I commented on yours but I absolutely HAVE to comment on this post....the bathroom looks AWESOME!!! It totally changes it. And I can concur when you say that the bathroom was fugly. Good job guys!