Monday, September 6, 2010

Clothesline Fun!

When we lived in Digby we had intentions of installing a clothesline in the backyard in the hopes of cutting down our power bill especially since we were going to be using cloth diapers again. When I found out that we would have to get a giant wooden pole (and dig a hole for it, and put it in concrete) and figure out a way to screw the other end into the house without screwing it into the house (because I don't think our landlord wanted that), I realized it was probably not going to happen. And, I know we could've just skipped the putting concrete in a hole part and screw one end right into a tree but it made me feel bad on an environmental level when I thought about doing that. And just in case you're thinking "so why not buy one of those square, stand up clothesline things?" the answer is, because I didn't want one of those and also, I think you have to secure them in concrete too.

When we came to see this place we noticed that the people on the other side of our duplex had a clothesline up so we figured we'd ask our landlord about being copy cats. He said "go for it" and he even said it was ok to screw it right into the house (since the neighbors had already done it, how much damage could be done if we did the same thing, right?) So, we added clothesline to the list of things we needed to buy before we moved.

Fast forward to today: Adam came home from golf and I had 2 loads of wet laundry waiting to go on a clothesline that was waiting to be installed. He loves surprises. And deadlines. Now, when we moved in we discovered that we have awesome neighbors to our right. Lloyd and Sheila are super nice, friendly and I already feel like I've known them for years. They have lots of grandkids and are quite fond of Mya so they said she could go over whenever she wanted to play with the toys in the backyard. Awesome, huh? So anyways, Adam felt like he should ask Lloyd if it was ok to screw one end of our clothesline into a tree at the end of our yard (because the trees are behind our fence and therefore on their property) and Lloyd said it was no problem. Oh and by the way, I got over the tree thing...can you tell? Lloyd asked if we had a ladder (which we didn't) and he was probably thinking of asking if we knew what we were doing (which we also, didn't) and he came right over and started helping Adam to deface the chosen tree. Once the boys had finished hanging up the clothesline, I got busy hanging up my clean, wet clothes! I was such a happy girl. I just wish I had bought more clothespins. Apparently 50 won't cut it.

I can't wait to wash a load of nappies and hang them on my new clothesline!!

Now, I feel the need to brag a little bit about my husband. For those of you who don't know Adam, he's not really the handyman type. He's more the type who uses his wife's tools to fix his computer. Ever watch Friends? He's kind of Chandlery. Anyways, since moving into this place he's hung all of our curtain rods and blinds, installed the new ceiling fan (and wired it for lights!), hung shelves in Mya's room, hooked up our washer and dryer, hung up our new coat rack, fixed Mya's closet door, and removed an under the cupboard light and hung it over the stove instead. He's also planning to install a sliding, screen door where the patio is and replace the screens in both the front door and the back basement door. Phew! Maybe he is a handyman after all!