Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mama's Birthday and Fun on the Farm

Mya has a pair of pajamas that say "apple picking in the orchard" and that's just what we did today. Grampie and Monica are down visiting for the weekend from Cape Breton and we thought it would be fun to head to the farm and pick some apples. I also wanted to get some pears, pumpkins and a squash but there were no butternut squash left. I guess everyone else wanted to get some butternut squash too. We thought (or maybe I thought) it was the perfect way to spend my 27th birthday. I have big plans for all of my fresh fruit too. Since I've become Canadian Living's newest fan, I've come across lots of awesome recipes and their latest issue is all about stuff you can make with the goodies fall brings. There's squash apple soup, homemade tomato sauce, squash risotto and I plan on making all those things along with apple pie, pumpkin pie, apple sauce, pear pie...I think I'm going to have to get a deep freeze!

Tonight Grampie and Monica honored us with free babysitting while me and the Mr. headed out for a supper alone. We were going to see a movie as well but a combination of crappy movie selection and dead tiredness meant no movie for us. So instead, we came home at the late, late hour of 8 o'clock and went to bed. I'm actually writing this from the comfort of my bed. It's fun getting old, isn't it? When our company showed up yesterday morning they came with cake. Birthday cake. For me. So we had it for dessert last night and Mya helped me blow out the candles.

And then she helped to eat it.

We had been hoping to hit up the farm yesterday afternoon but the rain got in the way of that. Instead, we headed out this morning and got first pick of the crops because we were some of the first people there.

We even saw a little brown bunny hiding under one of the apple trees! He was so cute! I wanted to pick him up and carry him around with me but he didn't want me getting too close.

Mya even found a little girl to push her on the merry go round...

but when it was time to get going to the next picking spot she kind of got upset had to be put in the backpack...which she eventually gave into and surrendered by sucking the thumb.

Her and Adam decided to share an apple so he would take a bite and pass it back and then she'd take a bite and pass it forward. Talk about cute!

And finally, on our way home...a little dirtier than when we left that morning...digging into the second apple of the day. It was a good day.