Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Friday Post

I realized today that I hadn't posted in almost a week and for some people (me) that's normal although there are people (my sister) who seem to think that I should post more often. I don't have anything overly interesting to post about today but I'll see if I can come up with something to jot down.

So, last night I watched the documentary "Babies" and I have to say I really liked it even though it had no dialogue. It followed four babies from birth to around their first birthday and they were from San Francisco, Malaysia, Namibia, and Tokyo, Japan. I'd have to say that the culture that intrigued me the most was that of the baby born in Malaysia. This is because Japan and the U.S. have a modern culture that somewhat mirrors ours and I could assume how the people of Namibia live (I don't want to appear rude, but after watching the movie it was clear that I was right in my assumptions that the people of Namibia lived a very simple, primitive life with no electricity or running water, modern amenities, etc). However, the baby born in Malaysia lived in a yurt with his family in a wide open field with animals running around and one might assume he was born at home yet he was born in a hospital like most North American babies are. When it was time to go home, the mom took the baby in her arms and climbed on the back of the motorcycle driven by her husband (their slightly older son rode on the bike too in front of dad) and off they went to their yurt sweet yurt. Throughout the film you could see modern items in their home, and by modern, I mean common things we have in our homes like a bed but also cell phones, electric hair clippers, and a laptop. It struck me as odd that they would have these things yet still lead what I consider a rather primitive way of life. There's a scene where mom is giving baby a bath in a little basin on the floor and she asks her other son to bring the pitcher of water to her lips. She takes the water in and you assume she's having a drink until she starts to shoot the water from her mouth onto her baby to rinse him off. The scene then changes to the baby born in San Francisco and she's getting a shower with dad but he's rinsing her off with a removable shower head. It definitely showed the differences of raising children in different cultures. One thing that rang true across the board though is that we all love our babies the same.

So, we're having my inlaws over for Thanksgiving and I'm going to cook a turkey. I'm supposed to cook it and I said I would but I'm starting to wonder what I was thinking. I plan on making a couple homemade pumpkin pies too and I'm not worried about that because I've done it before and because baking is just so much easier! Speaking of baking, I should get my butt in gear soon and start using up some of those apples we picked the other weekend. They had to be retired to the fridge this morning because the fruit flies thought they were going to get a bite. I found a recipe online for apple pear pie and it sounds so delish! It even had an alternative for pears to make it a holiday pie: cranberries. Awesome, right? I know! Espesh if I can get it made ahead of time and just freeze it. Onto my next topic: we want to get a deep freeze and I'm kicking myself for not going ahead and agreeing with Adam that we should've gotten the one at Home Depot that was on clearance for $150. I didn't think then that we needed one and I've also come to learn that deep freezes are much more expensive than 150 bucks. Stupid me. So now I've been trying to find one on Kijiji but they're all super old and costing the same price as the clearance one! Stupid stupid me. Oh well, I'll just have to cram my little freezer over the fridge as best as I can until we find one.

So, Nova Scotia is having a bit of heat wave at the mo and it is currently 28 and feels like 38. I'm not making this up. It is October 1st and I'm sitting here typing in my underwear with 2 fans blowing on me. It's that hot. We're supposed to get a thunder and lightening storm tonight so hopefully that'll change things and bring on fall.

Alright, enough ranting. It's time for me to get dressed and start getting things ready to leave the house. I have to get the husband from work and then I'm going to enjoy my Friday off. It's my favorite day of the week actually...the only day I don't have to go to work and I can relax and not rush out the door the moment Adam gets home.

Ah, life is grand!