Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Yahoo! Canada day is here once again and we spent it in Halifax soaking up the fun they had to offer. We started out with the pancake breakfast at the town hall and Mya ate more than her fair share...I have no idea where she puts those pancakes but I think she could eat her weight in them.

Then it was off to the parade then we took a stroll through the public gardens. The gardens made me so happy...I've been waiting a year to walk through them on a sunny day and it was a beautiful day yesterday!

After a quick bite to eat it was back to Nana's for a nap and some down time. Mya hadn't had a nap in a few days and I didn't realize how much I took her naps for granted. After 4 days of no nap, I was ready to go insane. I needed a break. We're going to be here until Monday morning and then we'll be heading back home cause we have to drop off our passport applications for our trip we're taking next month!

We're getting excited for it! It's been a long time since our little fam took a vacation away and it'll be nice to see friends and family we haven't seen in awhile.

Ok, time to get this kid dressed so we can head out to take advantage of this nice weather!