Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nosy Neighbor

Does anyone else have a nosy neighbor? We haven't even lived in our new house a whole week and ours has presented herself twice already. Once to just introduce herself before we had even moved in, and then again yesterday during the morning garbage collection.

I'm sure as most of you have moved at some point in your lives, you understand that you end up with a lot more garbage and recycling than you normally would in a given week. Well, after Adam put our stuff out at the curb and the guy came and picked some of it up, we got a knock at our door. It was the nosy neighbor. I almost didn't answer but then remembered there's a window in our front door and she had probably already seen me.

When I answered she had informed me that the garbage man hadn't picked up all of our things and that he had left an orange sticker on one of the bags. She said she wasn't able to see what the orange sticker said (cause you know, it's none of her business), but I assured her we would go out and check and that I wasn't even sure what was out there because Adam was the one who had taken everything out. She informed me exactly how many blue bags we had and exactly how many garbage bags we had. She counted them! At this point I was starting to get annoyed.

In this condescending voice she tells me that since she doesn't have eight (gasp!) recycling bags, we can throw some over to her side of the street since the garbage man hasn't come by her place yet. I thank her and smile and nod a lot to try and get her off my front step pronto, but before she goes she quickly adds "oh, and I also noticed you have your pop bottles mixed in with other plastics." Uhh yeah...isn't it all plastic?! and more importantly, you were LOOKING IN OUR GARBAGE?? I'm pretty sure that's a big neighbor no-no. That was it. She crossed the line. She has officially black listed herself. No Christmas card for her!

Now I understand why people on our street don't just take their bags of garbage to the curb and bring their entire garbage bins instead. It's so she can't look and see what's inside!

Really? Really.