Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 on Tuesday...on Wednesday

Hey, I know it's Wednesday but it's also my birthday so I figure I can do whatever I want on my blog today and if that means writing a 10 on Tuesday post when it's really Wednesday then so be it! It's my party and I'll blog if I want to.

1. Mya's been using the word "random" lately but in the wrong context. Such as, "Daddy, will you play with me and the random Barbie bus?"

2. Mya has successfully brought home her first illness from that wretched preschool (don't get me wrong. We both LOVE her preschool but when it comes to catching things from other kids, that place is wretched.) It has also made its rounds in our home. First Adam caught it and now poor Henry has it. What could it be? The common cold folks. Don't be fooled. It sounds innocent enough, which is probably why the parents of that little punk sent their kid to school with it just so my precious, healthy daughter could catch it. Nose wiping is starting to gross me out I've done it so much in the last week. I'm trying my darndest not to get it too because as everyone knows, mamas don't get sick days.

3. This "make your own Halloween costume" thing is hard! We managed to score a dalmatian costume for Henry that I think will be easy enough to convert into a sheep but this Little Bo Peep (aka Mary as it is also known) get up is another story. I'm determined to figure it out though because not only will it be ADORABLE but Mya is actually on board! This never happens! I must succeed!

4. I think I'm going to make some spinach puree for Henry today. Gotta get some iron somehow when you aren't eating meat yet!

5. Having a birthday on Facebook makes you feel famous! I've never had so many emails and notifications in one day than I do on my birthday.

6. I started my Christmas shopping the other day! With the exception of one last gift, my shopping for Mya is done! Minus the stocking stuffers of course...but yay!

7. Did you know the world is facing a bacon and pork shortage for 2013? That is mental.

8. You're welcome.

9. For the last couple days, I've used "Silent Night" to lull my baby to sleep. Works like a charm. Although, now that I've let my secret out it'll probably stop working.

10. We're getting our chimney swept on Friday and that means that any time after that we can start up our woodstove again! I love a good fire. So cozy.

11. The Grey's Anatomy premiere is tomorrow night and I have big plans to go hang out with friends...alone! I haven't done that since the baby was born. This is big for me. And yes, I know this is #11 but remember? It's my birthday. I can do what I want.