Monday, September 24, 2012

6 months!

I just realized that Henry passed the 6 month mark and I missed my intended blog update as to his can-do's! So, with that, here is our Henry at 6 months:

He has started eating solids and has had oatmeal, sweet potato, squash, carrots, peas, kale, broccoli, apple/pear sauce, prunes, bananas, blueberries and peaches!

He can sit up alone for the most part, however, I don't feel comfortable leaving the room while he's sitting there. He has fallen a few times...oops!

He's currently wearing 12-18 month sized clothes.

He's 20lbs and only 2lbs away from the limit on his car seat!

He has two bottom teeth and is still teething like crazy!

He is still a super happy baby and smiles at anything.

He thinks the cat is the coolest thing in the house. I bet she won't think he's the coolest by the time he can chase her around!

He loves bath time and being naked.

He's still not a great napper but sometimes we're lucky to get a 2 hour morning nap! Sometimes it's only 30 minutes.

He's still guaranteed to fall asleep in the car though!

He still spits up from time to time but with me not eating dairy, it has helped a lot.

We still can't put him to bed awake, but for now that's ok with us. He falls asleep fairly quickly and he sleeps through the night so we'll take it.

He thinks Mya is so fun! Everything she does is worthy of being watched like a hawk and she's usually the only one who can make him stop crying when he decides he's had enough of the car seat.

He still wakes up once a night to nurse but usually it's early morning and then he goes right back to sleep. I still call it a win.

He's a lot more interactive than he used to be. He plays with things now, although maybe he's just chewing on them.

We've had to move up to the next size in diapers because he's outgrown the size 1's!

His hair is still sparse and fairly light. He looks almost like a red head in some pictures but I think it'll be strawberry blond.

That's all for now!