Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Big Day

So the first day of preschool has come and gone and she did great! She was super excited right up until we parked the car and she was still in "I'm so excited for preschool!" mode but once the car was parked and I went to get her out of her car seat she became nervous and upset and said she didn't want to see the teacher. I reminded her that I'd be going in too and that I'd be there the whole time and it helped her come around. Once we got inside and she saw the other children she completely forgot that she was in a new place with new people all around her. She got so comfortable that when it was time to go, she gave one of the teachers a hug and a kiss good bye! Haha!

Tomorrow they are having Terry Fox games to help teach them about Terry Fox and his message. Parents are invited to come watch and cheer them on but it's right in the middle of nap time so we'll see how that goes. On Tuesday it will be Mya's turn for show and tell and she'll get to be the special helper at school which means she gets to sit in the special seat, feed the fish and change the day on the calendar. I don't mean to persuade her into choosing something for show and tell that she doesn't want to bring, however, I don't think she'll have a lot to say about the ball she decided she wants to bring.

Next Thursday they're going to a u-pick apple farm and again, the parents have to go because every child needs a car seat nowadays and it only makes sense for each parent to pick up their own child from preschool and proceed to the apple farm in their own car. The plus side is that I'll be walking away with a bag of freshly picked apples. Yeehaw!

So yeah, she seems to be enjoying it and I'm enjoying a little bit of downtime twice a week. It's win win really. Lets hope she still likes it after a few weeks!