Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. The Halloween costumes are almost done! Henry's isn't turning out quite the way I had hoped but I look at it this way: it's for a 7 month old, he'll be wearing it for maybe an hour, he'll likely be in the stroller or being held the whole time (so a good chunk of costume won't be seen anyway), and it's Halloween for goodness sake. It's supposed to be about making costumes and dressing in random things. That's what people did before Walmart where you can now go slap down $20-$50 for a costume and call it a day.

2. Adam really likes this picture:

3. I like this one. Coloring is a serious business at our house. You have to put lots of thought and consideration into each color!

4. It looks like we're going to have a houseful for Christmas this year too! I love a full house at Christmas.

5. I've been thinking about whether we should try and get Mya into speech therapy or not or if we should mention to the doctor that she's tongue tied. I'm worried the doctor will snip it, and I'm not sure I want that but I've noticed she doesn't speak clearly compared to other children her age. It's narrowed down to certain sounds and while some are obviously related to the tongue, others just require her to break a bad habit and practice the proper way to say it.

6. Henry is not a good napper. If he sleeps an hour that's considered good. I think I just expected all kids took 2 good, full 2 hour naps a day. That's what Mya did but he never got the memo. For example, he's waking up right now. It's been a half hour.

7. I've been putting off making cookies to use up the rest of the pumpkin puree in my fridge but I just can't seem to find the time!

8. We're going to the city this morning to knock out some Christmas shopping...yay! I can't wait!

9. After some interesting cat behavior this morning I've concluded that my cat can see dead people.

10. This is one of the cute bibs we scored at the craft fair last weekend. We got lots of stuff actually and we look forward to it every year.