Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Calendar

A couple days ago I decided to try my hand at an advent calendar for a couple reasons. One being that Canadian Tire was out of the cute ones I had seen there last week and the second being that I was tired of being asked on a regular basis "is it Christmas time yet?" I'm hoping that by being able to actually move the marker from day to day will help her to figure out that each day gets us closer to Christmas.

I don't think she really gets that "Christmas time" is a holiday and "winter time" is a season in which that holiday falls. At least once it's December it'll make more sense that people have their trees up.

So, want to know how I made my advent calendar? I took Michaels by storm and bought a 16x20 blank canvas, some red ribbon, some Christmassy looking card stock, some mini clothes pins, and a package of little red envelope/paper bag type things (found in the wedding section).

Next I cut four lengths of ribbon long enough to reach across the canvas and tacked them behind the frame like so:

Then I took my little red envelope bags and cut a little off the top because they were too big to fit all 24 on the canvas

After cutting all of my envelope bags down to size, I decorated them in different card stock that seemed Christmassy and I attached numbers that I printed from 1 to 24 that Adam printed off the computer.

Once all the envelopes had been decorated, I clipped them all onto the ribbons with little clothespins I bought at Michaels.

I filled each pocket with a Hershey's kiss and attached a wooden star that I bought on our travels to PEI earlier this year. I threaded some of the red ribbon through the star and tacked it onto the side with the ribbon I attached to hang the canvas from.

When I showed Mya my crafty expertise this morning she seemed genuinely impressed and that made me happy since this was first real crafty project. I'm hoping this will help her understand that each day brings us closer to "Christmastime" so her daily questions will stop. And if not? Well, then at least I have a cute calendar to whip out year after year.