Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. So this thing with the government losing data on 583,000 student loan borrowers is kind of aggravating to say the least. I'm afraid to call the 800# they provided to see if I'm one who's affected. In all seriousness, I totally feel like the government should have to suck it up and waive the payments for those affected. I mean, for the rest of my life am I going to have to be on the look out to see if my identity is stolen because they lost my social insurance number, birth date, name, contact information, etc.? It's completely irresponsible on their part and I think they should have to reimburse those affected in some way.

2. It's official: my return to work date is February 25th. Exactly one year after I left. Me and Adam talked about it a lot and if money wasn't a concern, we would both rather I stay home and not have an evening job. It would just make our lives a lot easier and less stressful but unfortunately, that's just not our hand. It's alright though. We're still getting what we want in a lot of other ways such as not having to put our children in daycare, me being able to work at a job I like with people I like, and not having to work shift work. So really, it could be worse.

3. So we emailed the family and everyone's on board with chipping in for a swing set for the kids for their birthdays! Yay! I think I see a lot of perks for this whole having a birthday one day apart thing.

4. We've started getting paranoid about retirement. We know we aren't going to retire any time soon but we're starting to realize that we can't retire and live off of our dreams. We're going to be 29+1 this year after all and I think it's standard and expected for you to freak out about your lack of RRSP's when you turn 29+1.

5. I was out the other day and saw a display for some tax package and it was then that I remembered that I have to do my taxes again this year. Death and taxes....

6. I'm writing this as Adam is tutoring his third kid tonight. He normally only tutors 2 kids on Monday nights but they have an exam tomorrow and he can't help but want to help. So, I lay here trying to stay awake so that I might have some Adam time before we both crash. It's been a long day.

7. Instead of buying a box of minnie mouse or cinderella valentines from Walmart this year, I think we're going to make our own. And by that I mean I'm going to do my best to avoid having Mya see them while we're out and try to convince her that making them will be way more fun.

8. Someone on my facebook posted this and I've seen it before but I love it even more now that I have two children. If you click on it, it makes it bigger for reading.

9. Me and Adam have been watching old seasons of Modern Family and holy hell that show is funny. Sometimes I have to pause it cause I'm laughing so hard and I don't want to miss any of it.

10. I need a new hair do and don't know what to have done. Any ideas?