Sunday, January 6, 2013

10 on Whatever Day I Like

1. We've had to lower the mattress in Henry's crib because not only is he pulling himself up on everything but he's also walking while holding onto things. When I went to get him from his nap yesterday and saw him leaning over the railing I knew we couldn't put it off any longer. The mattress was lowered last night.

2. We still have our Christmas tree up but Mya's tree came down this morning. It was time. She took it well.

3. Adam's first day back to work was today and frig it was hard getting up this morning. I was enjoying our Christmas break routines which included waking up at 6am only because the kids did, not because there was going to be someone picking you up for work soon.

4. Henry is officially in his new to him car seat. It kind of sucks because now when he falls asleep in the car he usually wakes up when we carry him in but at the same time it beats carrying around a car seat with a 20lb kid in it.

5. I've started thinking about the March birthdays and how this is all going to go down. I think I still have some more thinking to do but we did come up with a joint birthday gift we're hoping we can get the rest of the family on board with: a swing set! yay!

6. I've started making a list of things that Mya's had a fear of in the past year in case it comes up at her speech assessment and it's longer than I realized:

-dust bunnies
-the production credits at the end of the cat in the hat cartoon (yes, seriously)
-knit knots from the imagination movers show
-humpty dumpty
-the old lady who swallowed the sea book

I don't understand them but maybe I'll learn something about it at her assessment.

7. I've started a general "to do list" and it includes everything that I think about on a semi daily basis. Things I need to look up online/research, things I need to buy, things I need to remember to do. It turned out to be a rather long list. It scared me.

8.We finally started hanging some pictures on the wall so now our house doesn't look like we just moved in.

9. I've decided that when I can eat dairy again my first meal is going to be pizza! I can't wait!

10. We're taking the kids to the pool this afternoon. Mya's been asking since before Christmas break and we never made it there while Adam was off school so we thought today would be fun.

11. I went back and read the beginning of this list and realized that I had started it a few days ago and our tree is actually down now. It came down yesterday. Our house feels so empty now.