Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog Renovations Part 2

Seeing as my old background took a hike, I took advantage of naptime this afternoon and tweaked the blog a bit. After changing the font colors and picking a new background and coming up with some ideas that I might apply at a later date, this is what we came up with.

Pretty, huh?

I like it. I had been thinking it was time for something new but I just couldn't get off my butt and do it. It seemed like the right time anyways...there were already lots of new things going on. Such as the new car (it still seems new to me!), Adam teaching at a new school this fall, us moving to a new town and living in a new apartment. We aren't moving there until September 1st and it'll be a crunch to get everything done with Adam starting school at the same time but oh well! You do what you gotta do! I'm pumped about the new place though. It's similar to what we have now in the sense that it's a one level duplex but we'll have a full unfinished basement for storage as well as everything we have now. Once the move is over with I'll take pictures to show you!

Oh yeah, and Mya's back to being lactose intolerant. We had been giving her normal milk for a couple months now and she had been doing fine with it except that we started noticing her skin on her face would be blotchy and red. It looked a bit like eczema and I started to wonder if it was the we cut out the dairy to see if it made a difference and voila! It did! Her skin is all cleared up and she's still not getting any cheese or yogurt and she's back on the lactose free milk. I'll mention it to Dr. Z at her next appointment and see what she says. Frick, I hope she outgrows this because it really sucks that she can't eat cheese or ice cream when those are things she loves.

Ok, naptime is over and it's back to being a mom!