Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 on Tuesday

So, remember the last time I posted I said that I would do something different the next time? Well, I realized that I had to wait until Tuesday to try it out. It's called "10 on Tuesday" and I think it's basically a way to list 10 things that have been on my mind or 10 things I'd like to share. I totally stole this idea from another blogger, so I can't say I thought this up by myself.

So, here goes!

1. Mya is really good at holding our hands when we go for walks sans stroller. Sometimes we leave the buggy at home to give her a chance to get her little legs moving and we just go around the block but she loves it and she's so good the whole time!

2. Tuesdays have become my least favorite day of the week. Adam gets involved in his computer world on Tuesday and Thursday nights because I tend to work later those nights, but on Tuesday I don't have Grey's Anatomy to distract me.

3. I CANNOT wait to get a haircut! I know I'm kind of a once-a-year-haircut kind of person but it's getting even hard for me to like it. Once I can chop 10 inches and still have something left to work with, it's getting done!

4. This Friday Mya is spending her first weekend at Nana's house and I'm feeling kind of nervous! It's her first weekend overnight anywhere and I know I have to cut the cord sometime but I don't know what I'll do without her here!

5. My parents are moving back to NS later this year and I can't wait!

6. I'm looooooooooving the warm weather and can't wait to break out the summer clothes!

7. I'm totally looking forward to a shopping day in the city with the girls in a couple weeks. I have a list of things I want to look for and can't wait to get away.

8. We still haven't taken down the balloons and streamers from Mya's birthday party. I think it makes the living room look festive and who doesn't want a little festivity in their lives?

9. I scored two pairs of kid sandals for a rockin' 7 bucks today! Love summer steals.

10. I've been thinking about taking Mya to an eye doctor/dentist lately. I wonder how that would go...