Saturday, March 26, 2011

Me again...

It's been a long time since my last post (this is Adam btw), but tonight just felt like the right time. I'm not feeling overly inspired tonight, but I have a few things to talk about.

I'll start with march break. It was great being home with Mya for a whole week and being able to spend some quality time with her and Mabyn. We tried to do stuff every day, even if it wasn't major.

We took a trip to Greenwood Mall (where I had never been), and I saw a ping pong table at Cleve's in the mall, but it was on sale for $100!!! wow!.. If only I had a truck to bring it home I would have.

Anddd.. the toy store in that mall is just AMAZING.. It's a good thing Mabyn was there, because I could have easily spent $150 or more in that store. Last but not least, Mya and I went and checked out some nice fancy new cars while Mabyn was chatting up the lady selling tent trailers (which we'd love to have if we had a car that could tow it). Watching Mya sit in between my legs in the driver's seat of the cars and turning the steering wheel was just too cute :)

We also took a nice little trip to the nearby park at Aldershot Elementary School and Mya loved it.

All in all it was a great week, and I managed to procrastinate doing ANY work, which was just right.

I'm now back at work again, and in my first week back, Mya managed to make me happier to be a father than I had been probably since she was born.

Pulling in the driveway on my way home was such a sublime experience. I looked in the window and saw Mya standing on the back of the chair with a huge smile on my face yelling what I could tell was "daddy! daddy! daddy!" all while keeping a huge smile on her face. I felt so happy looking at her smiling face and only then did I realize how desensitized I had become to leaving her for work nearly every day since she was 2 weeks old, it always just felt normal. But after a week of real fun and becoming attached to her (especially now that she's old enough to realize I'm home and enjoy having me there) I realized that I really miss her when I'm gone to work.

But, knowing she's going to be on that chair smiling, waving and calling out "daddy!" at the end of my day really makes even the tough days seem quick :)

Hopefully my cheezyness hasn't caused too many annoyances, and you'll all tolerate future posts from me, as I'm sure there will be others.

Goodbye.... for now!