Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Years Already!?

Well, that time of year has come by and gone again. Yesterday was Mya's second birthday. I like that she's getting bigger and more independent but I hate that she's getting bigger and more independent. I want her to just stay this size forever. Wouldn't that be great?

So, this year I decided I would make the cake again but instead of a cupcake cake I made an Elmo cake! She kind of has a thing for Elmo so I thought it would go over well. I didn't quite get the reaction I was hoping for from her but I think she enjoyed it nonetheless.

In between baking and cooling the cake we blew up some balloons and hung some streamers. I'm glad we decided to do these things the night before because it took a lot longer than I thought it would.

She got lots of nice presents and had a blast opening them all and playing with her little friends.

Then it was cake time! With a little bit of assistance we blew out the candles and cut into the Elmo.

Time for a thumb break!

After everyone was gone and things had died down a bit we decided to try one some of her new clothes but she was more interested in playing with her new "cutting foods" game.

I hope everyone who came had a good time! And thank goodness I don't have to make another cake until next year!

I think tomorrow I'm going to try a new kind of blog post that I stole from someone else...we'll have to see how that works out!