Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. We went to a wedding on the weekend and left the kids with my parents. Let me just say this: pumping s.u.c.k.s.

2. Adam is officially on summer vacation! Yay! So far, this still makes me happy. It's day 2.

3. I love that my child is still young enough that she believes most of what we tell her. Example: we didn't want to tell her we were going to Sarah's wedding in PEI because a) she LOVES weddings and b) she thinks Sarah's kick ass so I feared there would be a major melt down if she didn't get to go. So, we told her we were going to make sure the campground was ready for us for our camping trip. Yesterday she asked us how the camp site was and if it was indeed ready for us. Win!

4. I think I might be strawberried out and it's only the start of July! Insert sad face.

5. My mother in law is back from her European trip and we're heading up today to maybe score a look at her pictures and get some good stories.

6. ANTS! I've heard that it's just part of living in the valley and that everyone has to deal with them every year once the weather turns warm but frig. We moved into this house a year ago this month and we didn't have to deal with ants last year. Again, frig.

7. I've discovered that the library actually has modern and normal books (I know, I sound blonde). I wanted to borrow Tina Fey's "Bossy Pants" or Ellen Degeneres' "Seriously, I'm Kidding" but our little library system here doesn't comprehend those titles. Halifax does but I don't fully understand their site and I have some kind of hesitation about borrowing a book from a place where I don't live.

8. We're going to Cape Breton next week to hang out with the father in law and co. Can you believe it's been a year since we were there last? I know....last summer was the last time. It's really hard to get all the way up there when we're both working though. You don't want to leave late on a Friday or early on a Saturday just to come home on Sunday.

9. Henry does not like the playpen. It might've just been a one time fluke thing but he went from being a happy, sleeping all night kind of baby to one who wakes up every 2 hours (sometimes it was only 20min after we put him down. yay!) This poses a problem for above mentioned endeavours (ie. camping and Cape Breton). We've considered just taking the crib mattress with us wherever we go but that might just be stupid.

10. Our camping trip is only a week and a half away...lots of planning to do!

And since a blog post is no fun without pictures, here's Adam and Mya cleaning the car and Mya with the marionette Nana and Scott brought her back from their Euro trip.