Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Vacation

And we're back. We hit up PEI for a few days...fewer days than was originally planned but I think it worked out best in the end. We were still able to see and do everything we wanted and Mya had a great time so we're happy to be home 4 days early. Good thing too because the day after we got home, I flared up my SI joint and needed physio. Packing up the camp site wouldn't have been possible and Adam would've had to do the whole thing alone. We had a good time camping despite the downpour, the fire ban and the nightly skunk visits. The kids both slept great and except for the one rainy day we had great weather! I've also realized after looking at our pics that there are a lot of pictures of me breastfeeding. Don't worry though, I won't share those beauties with you.

Sorry for the picture overload! I guess I didn't realize how many pictures we had taken...oh well, good for the memories!