Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cape Breton

We got back from our Cape Breton adventure on Thursday and since we've been back it's been a little hectic trying to get ready for our next adventure: camping. Which happens to be tomorrow. We didn't leave ourselves much time between the two but we're borrowing Adam's dad's car and we didn't want to steal it from them for too long. Speaking of camping, does anyone know how much stuff is required to go camping for a week with 2 small kids?? Holy crap! We went from a Corolla to a Sorento and we don't think we'll have enough room. If we have to put stuff on the roof that's going to suck cause we don't have a roof top carrier but we'll make do.

Anyways, back to Cape Breton. We had a great time and had even better weather. It was hot and sunny everyday...just like a vacation should be! Mya slept great and actually asked to go to bed 10 min before bedtime almost every night. Don't worry, it didn't last once we got home. Henry slept so so.

I would post pictures of our trip but I'm writing this post quickly in my little bit of down time between laundry and packing. I'll post some when we get back!

See ya in a week!