Monday, July 30, 2012

Play Dough

The other day I was sent this link from some parenting website about 100 indoor activities kids love. While some of them were just plain stupid or not age appropriate at this time, there was one for homemade playdough and I thought that might be just right for Mya. When I brought it up to her I also thought it was a good time since she asked me "what is playdough?". Uh oh. My kid is about to start preschool in the fall and doesn't know what playdough is. How do you explain that? "'s dough. you play with."


The site with the recipe had pictures of the finished product and it looked awesome and not grainy like the homemade playdoughs of yore. I took on the challenge. We made 4 batches: green, blue, purple and red and it turned out super good. It took Mya all of 2.5 seconds to smoosh them together and mix the colors. Some day soon I'll make yellow and orange and then we'll have all the colors of the rainbow! Yay!