Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Our firewood has all been chucked into the basement but it hasn't all been stacked yet. Looks a little overwhelming to me...

2. We had to move the jumperoo up to the next level because Henry was getting too big for the lowest setting. This makes me a little sad.

3. I've started making and freezing baby food. So far I have sweet potato, peas and kale but I'm about to add squash, carrots and broccoli to the freezer. I'd like to get some homemade applesauce in the freezer as well. I wish the apples on our tree in the backyard weren't ant ridden cause then I'd just have to walk out my back door!

4.  I caved tonight and got A&W for supper. For anyone who knows me, this is a big deal. In my opinion fast food is terribly bad for you and I almost think it would be healthier to get some roadkill and cook it yourself. However, I am still human and about once a year or less I will get fast food to satisfy my inner fat girl.

5. Henry is only 4 months old (almost 5!) and I've already planned his outfit for his 1 year old pictures. I hope the clothes still fit him by then!

6. Since summer vacation has started I seem to lose track of the days and the time. It's nice being able to just go with the flow and not know what day of the week it is but at the same time I feel like I'm slowly losing control and my house is a chaotic mess around me. I think September will be bittersweet.

7. Our lawn is so. dry. I think it only needs mowing about once a month and I hate how crunchy it gets. I like lush green grass but don't feel like watering it constantly like the weird lawn guy who lives across the street.

8. This year for Halloween I want to dress the kids up in some sort of matching duo but I can't think of anything. I guess it's good I've thought of this in July so I'll have lots of time to come up with something!

9. Have you read "Shit My Dad Says"? Do it. That is some funny stuff.

10. Mya has her first dentist appt. in August and I hope that she stays excited for it. It helps that the last time we went she had a good experience but this time it will be a real appointment and not just a "the dentist just needs to check I didn't destroy my tooth when I fell on it" appointment.