Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I feel like I can relax a little bit now. Ugly Christmas Sweater party is over, birthday party is over, advent calendar is made. All those things that I felt had a deadline for me are now over and I can breathe.

2. I baked a lot of cookies yesterday. Molasses cookies, pumpkin cookies, chocolate chip cookies and four loaves of bread. I hadn't made bread in awhile. It felt good.

3. The birthday party me and Mya went to today seemed like it took a lot of work to pull off. It makes me scared for March.

4. I found a Bath and Body Works candle from last year and it was barely used so we fired 'er up tonight and now my house smells deliciously Christmas. O Christmas tree!

5. Adam's birthday is on Thursday and I think we'll be going to get our tree the weekend after. That still seems early to me but now that everyone's getting their trees so early, there aren't any good ones left by the time we get there. At least that's how it seemed last year. It took us forever to find a half decent tree!

6. Getting Christmas shopping done with a 9 month old and a 3 year old is hard. Especially when I'm not sure the 3 year old can keep secrets but we've been testing her lately with things that aren't a big deal like today when we went to pick up cake mix to make Adam's birthday cake I told her that we had to keep it a secret cause it was for daddy's birthday. I know it won't be a big deal if she tells but I'm interested to see if she keeps it inside.

7. I realized the other day that we get to whip out Mya's old wooden sled for Henry to use!

8. I've done so much laundry today...but at least it's all caught up!

9. I heard/read yesterday that Kate Middleton and Prince William are having a baby!! Woot woot!

10. We missed our neighborhood Christmas party on Saturday because we had so much running around to do but that's ok because there's always next year!