Thursday, December 6, 2012

Twenty Nine

Today is Adam's birthday so I thought I'd share 29 things I love about him since he's turning, y'know, twenty nine.

1. He is really good about playing with the kids. Even though neither of us are "playing parents" he makes the best of it and always takes one for the team.
2. Mya said she wanted to put "I love hugging him and saying I love you" on the list.

3. He is a directional wizard. I know the stereotype is that men get lost and don't ask directions but he never gets lost!
4. He is really laid back and helps balance out my crazy, go go go personality.
5. He is always encouraging me to do whatever it is I have my mind on.

6. He is always singing.
7. He still wants and tries to look nice for me everyday.
8. He is always willing to try new things even if he might not know what he's doing.

9. He makes a mean homemade hamburger!
10. He always gets up with the kids in the morning and lets me have an extra 30 minutes of sleep time.

11. He is a very generous person and is truly understands "it is better to give than to receive".
12. He is always willing to help out around the house.
13. Even though I tend to roll my eyes, I love that he is a cheese ball and romantic.

14. Family is very important to him.
15. He is always up for a good time.
16. He is good at every sport. Seriously. Golf. Hockey. Rock climbing. Tennis. Squash. You name it!

 17. His selflessness. He works 2 jobs to take care of his family even though he'd rather have his evenings to himself.
18. He is such a good dad!
19. I love that he can't hide anything because it always comes through on his face when he's trying to be sneaky.

20. His willingness to do things that make me happy.
21. His honesty.
22. His musical abilities. Mya loves to sit in the play room and play guitar with him in the evenings.

23. His support of my hobbies and interests.
24. He's so handsome!
25. He's also very funny.

26. And smart!
27. How much he loves me!

28. His imagination! This guy can come up with some pretty impressive scenarios when playing pretend. I don't know how he does it.
29. His desire to learn. He is always wanting to expand and learn new things!