Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Traditions

The other day I was thinking about Christmas traditions and it felt as though we didn't have any and it made me feel sad especially since, as Kelle Hampton puts it, "we are the ones who write the chapters of our children's story"...or something like that. It got me thinking about Christmas traditions from my childhood and which ones we've kept and which ones we've ditched and what traditions we have now for our children to look back on and remember fondly.

Our current traditions that are new are:

-Opening new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve and wearing them to bed
-Leaving cookies for Santa
-Writing a letter to Santa

Some of my traditions that never made its way to adulthood:

-Having a big family supper on Christmas Eve with Rappie Pie and seafood chowder
-Grandma's cheese ball
-Going visiting on Christmas Day to see family
-Going to church on Christmas Eve

However, there are some that were so good we had to keep them around:

-Cutting down our own Christmas tree
-Going to see Christmas lights (this year we decided to walk around our neighborhood instead of taking the car because we were worried the baby would fall asleep and it worked out awesome. Mya liked being able to get a closer look at the lights and she enjoyed running around and eating snow. Walking to see neighborhood lights might just be a new thing!)
-Opening a gift on Christmas Eve
-Watching A Muppet Family Christmas
-Reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve before bed (this is one that Adam remembers doing as a child and he wanted to do it with our children.)

Ok, after going back and reading them all I guess we do have more than a few traditions. Well, that makes me happy. I hope when my children are grown they'll look back and remember these times happily and even do some of them with their children.

Oh and this was the best pic we could get of the two of them before we left to go Christmas light lookin'.