Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. March break is over and that means preschool was in session today! Yahoo!

2. Our swing set came yesterday! Our swing set came yesterday!

3. The weather man is calling for snow and freezing rain over night tonight so said swing set probably wont be set up for a couple weeks. Boo.

4. Henry is officially walking now. He walks more than he crawls and he's walking farther and farther everyday.

5. We're trying a new recipe tonight. Butternut squash and lentil something or other...sounds good!

6. Why is Easter so early this year? It seems like Christmas just ended and then there were 2 birthdays and as soon as those were over it's time for Easter. Thank goodness there are no more gift giving holidays until Christmas again. My wallet can't handle it.

7. We realized earlier this month that Henry is old enough now to go on the bike seat or in the trailer with Mya. We just need to get him a helmet and for the weather to warm up. I can't wait!

8. We all went for a long walk the other day and even though it was freezing, we bundled up and trekked for about an hour. Henry slept in the stroller and still got lots of fresh air. It always makes me feel good when babies sleep in the stroller once and awhile. Sleeping outdoors must have agreed with him because that night he slept like a champ!

9. I have a feeling Henry is going to be a little more "push the boundaries" than Mya was. He's already very determined to get into the compost and was caught coloring the window sill with a stray black crayon yesterday.

10. There is someone down the street from us who is STILL turning their Christmas lights on at night. I'm tempted to leave them a note on their front door.

Bonus #11. There's a baby einstein dvd playing right now while the 1 year old is playing with blocks and ignoring the tv while the 4 year old and the adult in the room are mesmerized.