Monday, March 4, 2013

Alone Time

The other evening I went shopping by myself in the city to get some new work clothes. The plan was that it was supposed to also serve as a mock "back to work" evening for both me and Adam. As I got in the car to leave I realized I don't get to go out just for fun by myself very often and it occurred to me that I felt lighter, looser, more relaxed. Which is kind of surprising since I had put on a bra for this occasion and changed into tighter fitting pants. I didn't even know that I was tense until the responsibility of being a present parent was gone. The car even felt lighter as I drove around without the extra 60lbs of combined cuteness in the backseat.

As I drove I cranked the music and sang along without the worry of being interrupted or having to argue about why we can't roll the window down on the highway in February and I was reminded of what it was like back when I had a life (you know, my twenties). I felt free! Like I was no longer tied to my children and my home! It's easy to forget that you are a separate person from these little people we spend our days with.

By the time I came home that night I was feeling happy. I was glad I had gone and gotten some alone time even if it meant getting a couple phone calls from someone crying for me to come home (no, not from Adam!). It's nice to remember once in awhile to take care of yourself like you take care of those around you.