Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

So, as I mentioned before we were in Halifax this past weekend where we house sat for the mother in law. Even though it was only an over night trip I feel like we did a lot this weekend. There was a lot of running around! We went to a last minute birthday party (where Mya may have met her best friend for the first time. How cute is it when one little girl grabs another little girl's hand and takes her out on the deck to the set up table to color? So. Cute.), we had a bbq supper/get together with friends, we went to the new Farmer's Market, we went shopping for a baby gift, we bought a couple books at Chapters, we picked up a new pair of sunglasses for Mya because her other ones are MIA, we went for a walk, we tidied up Nana's house so it looked the same as when we arrived. See? Full weekend.

My favorite part of the weekend though was Mother's Day. Mya lovingly slept in until 8:30am and I like to think she did this just for me. If only she had known her thoughtfulness didn't matter because I was awake at 7am with a stuffy nose and couldn't breathe. Oh well, I was up and showered and ready to start the day before I even heard a peep from her. Worked out well for me as you can see in the photos: hair? Clean and brushed. Teeth? Brushed. Clothes? Clean and on. Make up? On. Mya? Not so much...

Her hair was a little more wild than usual because she had to go to bed the night before with damp hair. I hadn't thought to pack the hair dryer and I guess Nana took both of hers with her on her trip. Result? Crazy bed head.

So after the card I got to open my present! Adam bought me a locket that he had picked out himself and put two pictures in it that make me happy. He also got me a book I've been wanting to read:

It was a pretty good weekend I think! I was a happy mama! And last but not least, I share with you Mya's new sunglasses:

I had a hard time getting her to look at the camera. At least she's saying "cheese" in this one!