Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camping Time!

We had been scoping the flyers for a couple weeks now looking for a sweet deal on a tent. Although we both know that camping in a trailer would be easier, we can't afford a trailer right now and our car won't pull one either. So, instead we're settling for what we can afford right now and that happens to be a kick ass tent! We just picked it up this morning.

We were looking for a 2 room tent because of previous incidents where we learned Mya cannot sleep in the same room as us and this one offers us that as well as a screened in porch area that'll help keep the flies off if it happens to be a buggy summer. This tent was only $98! Not bad, huh? The 2 room tents at Canadian Tire were around $300 and that seemed awfully steep. I know the one we bought probably isn't the best tent you could get but for the amount we're going to use it, I think it'll be just fine.

Adam is keen to get out now and wants to go camping for the long weekend. I can't say I'm on board...I would prefer if it was a little warmer because we've gone camping on the long weekend in May before and I nearly froze to death. Mind you, that was in Ontario. It might be different in NS. Ok, time to take the tent down and test our abilities to cram it back in the bag before the rain comes back!