Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 (Funny Things Mya Says) on Tuesday

1. Mya told me this morning when I asked if I could have a turn putting together her Dora puzzle that she would have to help me because "it's tricky".

3. I was cutting up some canteloupe for lunch and I put some in a bowl for Miss Mya. She took her bowl into the living room and exclaimed (to no one, btw...maybe the cat?) "look out! Canteloupe coming through!"

4. This morning Adam got up with her and let me lay in bed for an extra half hour and I over heard her ask him "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Apparently she was thinking that her magnetic bear on the fridge was cool.

5. The other day we were dancing to the Galaxy channels in the living room (btw, dancing is something you are immediately no longer able to do as soon as you have children. I think it's part of the "turning into a mom" process) and I asked her who was a better dancer, me or daddy? After thinking about it for a minute she said "umm, me aaannndd ME!"

7. Last time we were in Yarmouth and visiting my mom, Mya had a good time with the toys mom had at her house. When it was time to go my mom said "I love you Mya!" and thinking she'd get the standard answer, she was surprised when Mya said "I love your toys Grammie!"

8. She likes to take pictures with her toy camera and she asks me to "say cheese for Mya", so I play along and say "cheese for Mya". After the picture is taken she looks at the camera and says "Now, THAT is a wonderful picture!"

9. My all time favorite: We were running errands and I pulled into the Zellers parking lot. From the back seat I heard, "We made it! We made it! I knew you could do it mommy!" Aww thanks babe.