Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on Tuesday

I just realized that my last post was my 200th post! Yeehaw!! Wish I had realized that yesterday and not today...oh well, whoo hoo for the 201st post!! It feels like the 100th came much sooner than the 200th...maybe that's because I've become a blog slacker. Fail.

Anyways, onto 10 on Tuesday!

1. The new baby's room is coming along nicely. We have crib bedding for the baby which helps tie the room together and we're just waiting on a dresser. Once we have the dresser and I can put away some of the clothes that are lying in the crib and on the change table, I just have to finish up the laundry and then come on baby! (I wanted to post a picture of the baby's room but my memory card isn't being recognized by the computer. I'll post one later!)

2. I knew my child could recite the alphabet but I didn't know she knew individual letters until the other day. Then I learned that children don't learn the individual letters of the alphabet until they start school. This surprised me that a) children don't learn this sooner and b) my little girl is a genius! Alphabetically speaking, haha!

3. My sister left this morning with her husband and kids for a trip to Mexico. I'm a little on the jealous side cause I've never taken a trip "down south" where it's warm. Someday though. Someday I'll be the one south of Canada basking in the sun on the beach.

4. Mya's new princess phase is the Cinderella one. First it was Sleeping Beauty. That poor dress was worn all. the. time. It was starting to get worn on the bottom. Then she was a fairy everyday complete with fairy wings and a magic wand and I would be changed into a queen daily. "Abba-bee-dah-bra!" Oh, and now she wants to be the tooth fairy when she grows up. Hope she makes lots of money!

5. Our potty idea sort of worked this morning! When we heard "pee, pee, pee!" we called out "go pee on your potty!" and she happily replied with, "ok!". But then it was followed with her coming out of her room and into our bed. That was not part of the plan. At least this happened at 7am and not 6am.

6. It's homemade beans and weiners for supper tonight! I love when I decide to do a crockpot meal. All the work is done for you and come the end of the day, you just eat!

7. I have a love/hate relationship with my washing machine. I love that I have one and that I don't have to do laundry on a wash board 1900 style but I hate that because our floors aren't level (only slightly apparently, because I can't tell) the machine goes on an adventure across the laundry room often. Then you push it back in place, level the machine again and hope it doesnt happen next time. But it does. Even when the load is balanced, the floor makes the machine move and I'm stuck being pregnant and not able to lift my own machine to level it. ARRRGGHH!!!

8. I love homemade soup. I took some out of the freezer yesterday and I can hear it calling my name for lunch time.

9. I think I have my last day of work figured out. I just need to talk to the boss about it and then it's countdown time!

10. I'm happy that Grey's Anatomy is new again. It was making me sad that I had to wait almost 2 months for a new episode.