Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tooth Drama

Yesterday was a traumatic day here at our house. Mya was wearing her Sleeping Beauty dress (typical) along with her dress up princess shoes (also standard) and was in the playroom playing while I was upstairs. I heard a fall followed by a really sad cry, the kind that you know means "I'm really hurt and not just pretending!" and I ran down to survey the damage. There was blood on her lip and I thought she had cut her lip so I got her up and figured it would be wiped off, kissed better and we'd be good to go. But once I started wiping it off I noticed there was blood inside her mouth and couldn't understand where it was coming from. That's when I noticed that one of her front teeth was no longer where it had beautifully been before.

This had never happened before! I started to panic. I was upset that we didn't have a dentist. I was angry that I was home with no car. I was sad that she got hurt. It was a horrible combination.

So, I did what any sensible parent would do. I ran upstairs and got a cold face cloth and called my sister. She asked questions that helped me realize that everything was going to be fine and that there was probably nothing anyone was going to be able to do to fix it, including a dentist.

So, I guess the final verdict is the tooth just took a little trip backwards and is not loose so we figure it'll just stay that way until it's time for it to come out. Thank goodness it was a baby tooth!

Her top lip is still swollen which I think makes her look different even without opening her mouth. When I went to check on her before I went to bed last night, I could tell she didn't look the same even when she was sleeping. I hope the swelling goes down and everything goes back to normal but I have a feeling that front tooth is just going to have to take up residence a few millimeters behind the other one. I told her yesterday that I was sorry she got hurt but I don't think 2 year olds understand mommy guilt.