Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Day

Friday was my last day of work and I went into it being all "Sayonara Suckahs!" and was surprised to see someone had bought me a delicious cake and a card and when people were leaving I was getting hugs and kisses left, right and centre. I didn't think I would actually be missed but it was a nice feeling to know that I will be. At first anyway. The miss will wear off eventually just like the novelty of mat leave will eventually wear off. But it doesn't matter. Friday was a bittersweet day and I think I'll miss them too. Good thing they aren't far away so I can stop in for visits.

Speaking of maternity leave, I applied for that yesterday morning. Oy. At the time I thought it was probably the most difficult part of being pregnant but after it was done I thought, that wasn't so bad. Lets hope there are no bumps in the road to getting my money and all that jazz.

Yesterday morning I also went to brunch with friends and while I was gone, Adam and Mya took Baby Cinderella for a walk around the block in her old umbrella stroller. Even though she has her own dolly umbrella stroller, I guess being able to push a real stroller was better.