Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pre-School Tour and Car Seats

Yesterday we went to see Mya's future preschool teacher: Mrs. Miner. She seemed nice and Mya warmed up to her once we were there for a few minutes. Actually, I think Mya liked her toys more than anything but what can you expect from an almost 3 year old? Her preschool set up was nice and she taught more than I realized/thought a preschool would. Next week the kids are learning about teeth and one of the parents is a dentist who'll be coming in to talk so I thought that was neat. They have an aquarium with fish and another with a gecko that the kids take turns getting to feed. There's a sand table, painting board, craft table, snack time, show and tell and lots of other things I forgot that preschool had to offer. The kids each get a little cubby and hook to hang their coats which I thought was adorable. We took the registration home with us and I think we've decided that Mya will really like it there. At least that was the impression I got when she cried when it was time to leave.

After we got home, it was time to install the new car seat in the car. We thought we'd wait until a nice day to get it done and although it looked nice outside it felt like we were at the North Pole. Let me just say, there's nothing like a rear facing car seat to make you feel like you drive a clown car.

I had been thinking that even though there would be a car seat on either side of our backseat, we'd still be able to use the middle if we needed it. Ha. Ha. The only person small enough to fit in there now would be small enough to require their own car seat and we know THAT won't fit. So, we now have a 2 person backseat.

They are practically touching! This is just insanity. No wonder people with 2 kids get minivans. It seemed stupid to me before now.

Anyways, today I'm 38 weeks so that means only 2 more weeks until our estimated B day and tomorrow starts the first day of my last week of work! Yeehaw! Lets get this show on the road!