Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, it's 2010...! I can't believe a whole decade is behind kind of makes me feel old and then I think of all the things this decade has brought with it (high school graduation, a husband, a baby, our first car, the opportunity to live in Halifax, London, and England, being able to visit New York and Scotland) and it doesn't seem so bad. I'm hoping the next decade will bring more good things our way (like a house, another baby, a new car, a new job)...that would all be very exciting!
Last night we didn't do anything special to ring in the new year. Seeing as we're the ripe old age of 26, we just sat home and watched some tv before tucking into bed at 11pm. We were so tired we couldn't even stay awake for one more hour!
We took the tree down yesterday and holy moly there were a lot of needles! I fully expected to come back from Christmas vacation to find a dried out, dead/dying tree because of the lack of water it received while we were away and there were plenty of needles on the ground when we got home, however, there was still plenty of water sitting in the tree stand. I don't understand it, but that's fine with me! We've got it sitting outside the front door now just waiting until we figure out what to do with it.

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when Adam offered to get up with child at 6:30am to give me some extra sleep time. I had planned to only doze for another 15min and then get up to get miss mya some breakfast but when I opened my eyes I saw that I had been sleeping for a half hour. I got up to find her strapped safely in her booster seat munching away on some toast and Adam measuring out her cereal. He assured me he had everything under control and sent me back to bed, which is where I happily went only to be woken up with breakfast in bed a little while later! Breakfast was yummy and when I was done, I got to leisurely read my magazine all alone in my comfy bed, in my quiet room without interruptions (well, there was a quick visit from my beautiful girl who came in to give out her morning her!). Then my dirty dishes were wisked away and I was left to finish my reading and crawl out of bed when I felt like it. What an awesome way to start the new year!! I have the best husband ever!

K, time to get this new year started!