Thursday, January 21, 2010

PostSecret Success!

Tuesday night we were hit with a snowstorm which cancelled school on wednesday. I wasn't sure if i was still going to be able to hit the highway for halifax to see the postsecret show with suzanne or not but i was determined to try! The plows had gone by in the morning so by afternoon i thought it would be ok to head out. I packed an overnight bag just in case i had to crash but i was hoping i would be able to make it back home. Had i known what the roads were like at midnight i would've gladly stayed over night and then just gone home the next morning, but alas, i didn't know and drove home through the messy snow. alone. at night. in a storm. with the gas light on for the last 30-45min. without a cell phone. (never doing that again!). I eventually made it home around 2am (a little later than i wanted but safe and alive!) and crashed in my nice, warm bed with my nice, warm husband.

Ok, so. PostSecret. It was awesome! At first i was worried that it wasn't going to be worth the $30 i paid to go but it so was. Frank Warren was so funny! and so were some of the secrets. Some of the secrets were sad. Some were shocking. At the end of the show Suzanne bought one of his books and then we waited in a reaaaaaalllllllllly long line (like, probably 100 people) to get this:
If we had been smarter we wouldn't have been so indecisive about whether or not to wait in the long line because in the beginning, Frank was personalizing people's books and making small talk but by the end (#18273) he was looking very tired and probably just wanted to get it over with which is why we just got an autograph. Still, I was very happy.

On a side note (and a cute one!), who sleeps like this?!

This is how she was sleeping, all bent over with one leg folded underneath and the other stuck straight out, when i went to check on her when she was napping the other day.

So cute.