Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 on Tuesday

I think today it will be hard to come up with ten, but here we go!

1. We went to a flea market this past weekend and Adam scored a pair of winter boots. I've been telling him for years that he needs a pair but he's convinced that he doesn't. That is, until this past winter we got hit with snow storm after snow storm and he realized shoveling with sneakers on sucks.

2. Me and Mya watch Ellen every morning. It's our daily 10 o'clock date.

3. I was able to hang clothes on the line three times last week! THREE! I get really happy when I get to hang clothes on the line even though I grumble about having to do the actually hanging in the morning.

4. My mom called the other day to tell me she'd be coming down for a week in June! I. am. so. excited! And then both her and dad will be home for good in August/September and I will no longer have to share them with Alberta!

5. Mya can say lots of words now like baby, bye, no, please, hi...she makes me so happy!

6. I went to a jewelery party on the weekend and bought myself a necklace and earrings. I don't usually get myself something "just because" because I'm too frugal but I couldn't help myself...they were so pretty! Plus, I got Mya a bracelet and I think the Easter bunny might deliver it for me.

7. We have Mya almost totally potty trained now. She wears a diaper for bedtime and naptime but during the day she wears underwear the whole time. We've even started going out of the house with underwear on...yay!

8. Recently we've been buying our meat from a local farm and it is just so much better than the grocery store. The prices are comparable and the meat tastes better. Plus, we feel better knowing we are supporting local farmers and we know the meat isn't pumped with hormones and antibiotics.

9. Mya has picked up pedaling her trike she got for her birthday. Now, if the weather could stay consistently warm enough we could take her outside to ride it!

10. Stay tuned for wordless Wednesday!

And now, just a little video to make your Tuesday brighter: