Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

So, did any of you wake up nice and early to catch Wills and Kate get married? I did! I was originally planning on getting up at 3am since that's when it all started but then Adam had the brilliant idea of checking the "royal itinerary" online to see when the good stuff started. He's a smart one I'm telling you. It turns out the only parts I cared about didn't happen until 5-6am so I got to sleep a couple extra hours. Not enough extra that I don't think I need to nap when Mya naps today, but we'll see.

Ok, how pretty was Kate?

Although her dress seemed very conservative, I understand it was because there are certain rules of dress where Westminster Abbey is concerned. Still, I think she was stunning! And William was so handsome in his uniform. When I heard him say his vows I swooned just a tad. Tall, handsome, nice deep voice, hot in uniform...a real prince! Despite his thinning hair (hey, he can't help it!), I think he was definitely easy on the eyes. I think my favorite part though were all the hats! I so badly wanted to be there so I could wear my own ridiculous hat! Some of them looked almost space-agey and blocked half their faces. Not pretty.

Ok, my own prince charming just got home and it's time for our nap!