Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 on Tuesday

So, sometimes it's hard to come up with ten things. I try to think of ten...I really do. I'll give you what I've got. Hey...what happened to my font?

1. My friend Laura is have a baby and she's been knitting a few things for her baby. I would really like to take up knitting but I'm too lazy to put the effort in to learn how. I commented on one of her pictures of the things she'd made and she offered to make MY baby a sweater! For nothing! How sweet is she?! She's even going to pop it in the mail for me...I offered to pay for her yarn or bake her some goodies in case she had any pregnancy cravings but she turned them both down. I can't wait for it to get here!

2. Tomorrow I'm switching shifts with someone at work so I can attend the discussion on Midwifery in the Valley in the evening. I can't remember where I said it was before but I'm pretty sure I said it was at the Kentville Library (because that's where I thought it was all along) but it's actually at the Wolfville Memorial Library. I'm really excited about switching shifts...it's like having a day off only I've still put in the same amount of time. Uhh, hell ya!

3. Because I'm so pumped about being able to go into work early tomorrow, I'm bringing everyone coffee and muffins.

4. We FINALLY paid off one of our debts! Our car is officially ours! I shouldn't say it's "FINALLY" paid off cause it actually only took us 10 months to pay it off but that's one less thing I have to share my money with. When our student loans are paid off, we're having a party.

5. We really want to go camping this summer. We REALLY want to own a tent trailer and go camping this summer but our car isn't big enough to pull a tent trailer, plus us, plus our crap. So, it'll probably end up being a tenting trip. The logical side of my brain is telling me "don't do it...Mya isn't old enough to enjoy it yet...you'll regret it" but me and Adam still really want to go. I think he'll start to see the benefit of a child leash...

6. I measured and I think my hair might be long enough to cut and donate! YES! Finally! It has to be 10 inches and either in a pony tail or a braid. I braided it this morning and whipped out the measuring tape and it was just a little over 10 inches. I'm planning on putting it in a pony tail and getting Adam to measure when he gets home just to get a second opinion. That means I can get a haircut way sooner than I thought I was going to be able to!

7. Much to Adam's dismay, I think I've embraced the idea of wearing a romper this summer. What's not to like? It's a one piece outfit...the top and bottom are already decided for you. I think it's win-win.

8. We finally took down the decorations from Mya's birthday. It was time and Adam was tired of looking at the random balloons that had been taken down for Mya to play with.

9. I think we're going to be in Cape Breton for Easter weekend this year. Grampie Conner was asking when we were going to be up for a visit and we haven't been in awhile so we thought we'd take advantage of the long weekend.

10. Since I was only able to come up with 9, I'll share a picture for #10. Mya is modeling one of the tops she got for her birthday from Auntie Elisa. Now that she gets the basic concept of how taking a picture works, she's more cooperative if we tell her we'll show her the picture on the camera afterwards.


Suz said...

First of all, congrats on paying off the car!!!! You guys are so good with your money it's not even funny. Maybe you can be my budgeting person?? Please. I didn't know you were trying to grow your hair long enough to donate it~!!??? That's awesome! P.S. Mya doesn't get any cuter than in that picture. xoxoxox