Saturday, April 2, 2011

Almond Milk

Ok, so I know a few people who drink almond milk as opposed to cows milk and it never really interested me until lately. I thought "why drink milk that comes from nuts when you can get it from an animal?" and never really desired trying it. Well, today we were at the grocery store and decided to pick some up. Of course they didn't have any 1L to try so we were stuck buying a 2L. I said to Adam "I hope this stuff isn't gross!" because I hate throwing perfectly good stuff away...especially food.

Plus, even though we give Mya lactose free milk and limit her intake of yogurt and cheese she still gets eczema like patches on her skin and I've wondered if she was on a completely dairy free diet if it would make them disappear. So, now that she's older and her diet doesn't depend on milk so much I decided to compare them and I found out that you got the same amount of your daily requirement of calcium and vitamin D, and you got iron and vitamin E (which she wasn't getting in her cows milk). Everything else was comparable. I thought it seemed like it was worth a shot so we plunked 'er down in the cart. We tried it out at lunch and both me and Adam agree: it tastes like crap. I don't think Mya would have a problem with it if we gave her some but it tasted like watered down milk and I just can't get past that. I expected it to be more wholesome or thicker or something. It wasn't just wasn't good.

So, does anyone out there want some brand new almond milk?


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