Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend pt 1

This weekend we're spending Easter with Grampie and Monica and even though the Easter bunny isn't coming until tonight, I thought I would share some pictures of our weekend so far. Oh side story: when we left home and we were driving through the lights in New Minas, we passed this Hyundai Santa Fe and would you believe we ended up being stuck with him all the way to the freaking causeway!? I know! We started thinking they were afraid we were stalking them but obviously we weren't. I am curious where they were going though.

Ok, back on track.

So I thought had been all smart in getting my Easter shopping done ahead of time and before the crowds got all nuts and crazy. I bought a basket (2 actually, one for the Easter bunny and the other for collecting eggs), some fillable plastic eggs, a pair of pajamas, some bubbles, a kinder egg, some stickers, yogurt covered raisins, hair clips and animal crackers for filling the eggs and the bracelet I got a few weekends ago at that jewelery party. I thought I was set, right? Well, I was so organized in getting things ready to go for this weekend trip that I completely forgot ALL of the Easter stuff in my closet and only remembered when we were in New Glasgow. So, out we went today to re-get the Easter goods. So much for beating the crowds. Thank goodness it was mostly food and stickers and bubbles and stuff cause it'll all get used. One perk was that because it was the day before Easter, we were able to get the same jammies (only a different color) on clearance! Yay!

Ok, picture time.

The Easter basket that was left behind

Monica went to town this afternoon and came back with a basketball hoop for the kids to play with. When Mya got up from her nap she was quite excited about it!

Tomorrow there'll be lots more pictures taken, so stay tuned!